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TallShips Solutions is a specialist integrator of real-time business process applications within the Supply Chain. These applications are focused on delivering true business benefits such as improved customer service levels through the provision of highly accurate, real-time information throughout the enterprise.

Seamless, universal delivery of real-time information enables rapid and effective decision-making, maximum use of resources and the flexibility to grasp new opportunities as they arise within today's "just in time - deliver on demand" economy.

TallShips Solutions has over 15 years of experience in warehousing and distribution applications and many more years experience in manufacturing and general software applications. Our long-serving, multi-skilled technical team bring unrivalled experience to any project.

Specific technical expertise is complimented by a pragmatic understanding of broad business issues. Potential projects are assessed from a "whole of business" perspective, utilising proven specification and risk management techniques. This, in turn, produces a detailed definition of accurately quantified required outcomes. Getting this right, from the start, provides accurate and controllable project implementation schedules, delivering a true value proposition for the customer.

TallShips Solutions has successfully implemented and currently supports a wide range of warehouse management and distribution systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our customers come from a variety of industry verticals such as FMCG, Petrochemical, Furniture Retailing, Printing Supplies and 3rd Party Logistics Services. They include companies such as Hydro Aluminium, Unilever, Cadbury, Mobil, Freedom Furniture Australia Post, Mars, Masterfoods, and The Warehouse.

TallShips Solutions is dedicated to our customer's success by ensuring the continuous delivery of substantial, measurable and sustainable business benefits through the implementation of solutions to support benchmark-standard business process improvements.

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